Most Shocking Hairstyles of 2013


Most Shocking Hairstyles of 2013

Oftentimes we mimic our own hair after the styles that celebrities have made popular. This year already, some stars have made daring changes to their hair, prompting others to do the same.

Whether you love or hate the cut, there’s no denying these drastic changes in style prompt copycats all around. Here are some of the most drastic hairstyle changes of 2013.

Miley Cyrushair 1

Although she initially cut her hair in August of 2012, Miley Cyrus continued to make changes to her hair well into this year. Her long locks from just over a year ago have been replaced with bleached hair, shaved on the sides and a bit longer down the middle.

This star no longer looks as she did in 2006 as the star of Hannah Montana. Instead she says that the new hairstyle represents how she feels today. She has stated that the drastic change gives her confidence that she has never had before.


hair 2Since she has become more prevalent in the media, Rihanna has been spotted with variations of hairstyles, colors, and lengths. Using extensions on a regular basis, she has continuously changed her hair, from long and wavy, to a short pixie cut, back to long and straight.

Rihanna’s most recent hairstyle gives an interesting contrast to her hair. This year rather than choosing just one length, she shaved her head on one side, leaving it long on the other. This contrasting look is becoming more popular, in part because of her decision to wear this style.


This week Beyonce unveiled her newly cropped hair on her Instagram. In just about three hours the singer was nearing 153,000 likes. This pixie cut, althoughhair 3 the same color as her longer locks, is drastically shorter.

The change in hairstyle occurred just a few days after the end of the summer portion of her tour. The change prompted responses from fans, and other celebrities, who gave words of support, or critique against the change. Everybody from Ellen DeGeneres to Rebecca Black made comments on Twitter shortly after the cut. Beyonce shows how even this drastic change can be styled to perfection, exhibiting her unaltered beauty.

This year celebrities have chopped their hair, creating new trends in fashion. If you want try out the best celebrity hairstyle, or any other unique look, visit Dallas Roberts Salon. We have the stylists and the tools to give you a memorable look for all occasions.

By Cassie Costner

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