Glamming Up for the New Year’s Party


Glamming Up for the New Year’s Party

The New Year is less than a month away, a time of excitement for some, reflecting on the accomplishments that have been done the past year, and getting ready for a fresh new start. For others it is a time of panic, realizing unmet resolutions, and jotting them back down on the list this coming year, promising to make good on the diet this time around.


No matter if you are excited or dreading the upcoming year, make sure that you celebrate in style. There are many things to consider when getting ready for your New Year’s Eve party, choose the style that will work best for your situation, and figure out how to make it your own, ringing in the New Year the right way.


The casual event


Not all of us can be down in New York City’s Time Square to watch the ball drop. A large majority of people choose to enjoy the event from home, watching as the events unfold on TV rather than being in the thick of the action.


Even if you aren’t out at a party, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stay home in your pajamas. Stay home with your family or a small group of friends and still dress up to ring in the New Year. This can be a simple outfit, such as the one you wore to work earlier that day, or something more elaborate. You will still feel how the event is special, even without the glam of the event.


Glamming it up


For those who are attending holiday parties this year, first find out what the theme is going to be. You don’t want to come in overdressed, or perhaps worse, underdressed. There are various New Year’s outfits that can be worn in any situation. If you are throwing the party yourself, let others know the theme and tone of the party.


New Year’s is all about having fun while celebrating. Make your holiday outfit fun and exciting as well. Add a splash of color to an otherwise boring outfit. Put bold colors of ribbon in your hair, add a funky pair of tights to compliment your bland dress, and use bright colored lipstick. These little things will make your holiday costume more interesting and unique for everyone.


Be at your best this holiday season. For the best help in creating unique styles for your hair this New Year’s Eve, stop by Dallas Roberts. Our professionals can give you the look you always dreamed of, making it more interested and suited for your style.


By +Cassie Costner


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