Is 2014 the Year of the Pixie Cut?


Is 2014 the Year of the Pixie Cut?

Already in 2014 many celebrities have either chopped off their long locks or trimmed things up to a shorter style. This will raise the question, is the pixie cut the new hairstyle of 2014? Take a look at some of the styles that have become popular, and how they are influencing the styles today. Some of these you may even want to try with your own hairstyle.


The famous

 jennifer lawerence

Everybody remembered when Miley Cyrus cut her long locks a few months back, but heads were turning once Jennifer Lawrence followed a similar path, making the pixie cut her own. Since her rise to fame during the Hunger Games series, this Katniss actress has become an idol for many young and old.


The demand for pixie cuts heightened as Jennifer Lawrence took this style to a new level. As someone who has constantly encouraged young girls not to care what others think and to be themselves, this new haircut only added to that idea.


The right look


Even though the pixie cut has become the hairstyle of 2014, the same cut that Lawrence is sporting is not the ideal for everyone. Choose the cut that best fits the features of your face, and compliments your style. This will help you to look your best:


  • Those with an oval face have the greatest advantage in pulling off any look. If you are looking to really switch things up, go bold with a short fringe pixie. This cut will accentuate all your features, bringing attention to the best of your face.
  • For those with a face more round, giving it height at the crown of your head will elongate your face, bringing out your best features. Ask your stylist to add extra texture to pull this look off.
  • One of the less common facial shapes is the heart shape. Similar to those with a round face, you will want to add height to the top, helping to elongate the face.  This will help to draw more attention to your eyes and cheekbones, accentuating the look.


Pay attention to the trends and where styles are going this coming year. You will find that some things will change, while others will remain stagnant. Come in to Dallas Roberts to talk with one of our experienced professionals. As experts in the industry, we have the knowledge of where trends are headed, and what styles are gaining popularity. We can help you determine the best look for your facial structure this coming year.


By +Cassie Costner


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