Top 3 Curling Irons


Top 3 Curling Irons

Depending on the style you are looking for, there are a couple of different curling irons out there. While there are some differences between types as far as quality and price goes, the main difference comes from the style that the curling iron uses. Take a look at these various styles and decide which can work best for your hair. You may find that the curling iron you have been using isn’t best suited for the style you are looking for. Make any changes necessary to get the look you have always wanted without breaking the bank. You can find new ways to curl your hair that will compliment your style.

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The three barrel


For those looking for natural waves, the three barrel curling iron may be the right look for you. It will crimp your hair, enhancing the look. Be careful when combing this hairstyle out not to give it a frizzy look. The advantage of this curling iron comes from the relief of holding the curling iron in place for an extended period of time. Instead you will move it down each chunk of hair, starting top to bottom. You can decide how curled your hair becomes based on how large a section of hair you choose to curl at a time.


The traditional


The traditional curling iron uses a wand that has a closing function to hold the hair into place. This is the most common curling iron used, and works well in a number of situations. Choose to do a forward curl or one that pulls the hair back away from the face. With these curling irons, they come in a variety of sizes. These different sizes will determine how tight the curl will be. Invest in a few different sizes and try them out, finding what works best for you. In most situations, the ceramic curling irons will be the highest quality, getting the job done right.


The wand


The wand takes the basic model of the traditional curling iron and sets it up without a clamp to keep the hair in place. Because of this, using this curling iron requires both hands at all times. Instead of using the clamp, you must use your fingers to hold the hair down. This takes some getting used to, but in the end will bring great results. This can give you a curl unlike any other, completely unique and fast once the right techniques are learned.


There are many different types of curling irons out there, choose the one that will fit your style best. Look to try new styles, experimenting with the ones that work the best for you, and leaving those that don’t. Come in to Dallas Roberts to learn our stylist’s techniques, and which curling irons they prefer.


By +Cassie Costner


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