Famous Celebrity Hairstyles


Famous Celebrity Hairstyles


Over the years there have been many hairstyles that have inspired people from all over the world. This is just as true in recent years as it was when Audrey Hepburn’s famous look inspired thousands at the peak of her fame. Take a look at some of the most famous celebrity hairstyles that are setting trends today.


Emma Watson

 emma watson

Emma Watson came into the spotlight with the first Harry Potter movie in 2001. In line with her character Hermione Granger, Watson had iconic bushy hair. After the films were completed, she chopped off her long locks and replaced them with a chic pixie cut. She made this look her own by texturing it in a very feminine way. This change she has made has been duplicated by fans and other celebrities, enjoying a feminine variation on a shorter style.

Katie Holmes


Holmes made her first television appearance in the late 90’s on Dawson’s Creek. Since then she has had many appearances, with her hair often being a major point of talk. In 2005 she was in an advertisement for Garnier Lumina haircolor, showing off the beauty of her hair. For much of her career Katie Holmes has worn a chic bob with bangs covering her forehead. This style has been mimicked many times, as the length is slightly longer than the standard style. This famous hairstyle outlines the beauty of her face.


Eva Longoria

 eva longoria

In the early 2000’s Eva Longoria gained fame as a soap opera star. She has changed her hairstyle multiple times over the years, but her most iconic hairstyle may be the medium length style she recently cut. The thing that makes this hairstyle stand out above others is the way her hair is layered. This style looks great down, pulled partially up, or pulled up all the way. It is this style that has given Eva Longoria a spot near the top of America’s Most Wanted Hair list.

Taylor Swift

 taylor swift

Taylor Swift may receive negative attention when it comes to dating and relationships, but this doesn’t translate to beauty. Her long curly locks have long been the focus of old and young all around the world. Her blond hair has a natural healthy glow, giving others a standard to try for.


Celebrities seem to have every hairstyle imaginable. Some of these are regarded as higher than others. It is these styles that are mimicked and observed most. Take a look at your favorite celebrity hairstyle and decide what makes it unique, and how to best incorporate it into your own style.


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