Shampoos for Color Maintenance


Shampoos for Color Maintenance

Keeping your hair the right shade after a color is a challenge many people face. Although some things depend on the original color of our hair and genetic factors, there are some ways to help protect your hair longer once you have colored it. This will not only help to keep the shade you want, but help protect your hair even more against the potential damage of frequently adding color to your hair.


As with many things in life, you get what you pay for with shampoo. Take the time to choose these color maintenance shampoos that will bring the most benefits to your hair, ensuring that your hair will be healthier than ever.


Why you need color maintenance shampoo

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In most shampoos, about 15 percent of the formula is detergents that are used to clean away any dirt and oil that have accumulated in your hair over the day. Although these work well to get your hair clean, the sulfate used has also been known to strip the color out of your hair. Shampoos for color treated hair do not contain sulfate, still cleaning your hair without removing the color.


In addition to this, color treatment shampoos often contain ingredients that will moisturize as well. This not only protects the color, but will add to the shine of your hair. Some other shampoos also contain these benefits, but the advantages from a sulfate-free shampoo often outweigh these other options.


Other factors

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Using the right shampoo is the first step to color maintenance, but there are other factors that you can attend to, helping your color last as long as possible. The first of these is to avoid heat. Whether this is heat from the sun, blow dryer, flat iron, or other means, it will fade the color form your hair.


There are some products that offer heat protection, which will be useful if you must apply heat to your hair. This will reduce color fading by almost half. In many cases, color maintenance shampoos have these benefits. Make sure the product you are investing in has the protection your hair needs.


If you have added color to your hair, make sure to protect it right to get the best benefits. By using a color maintenance shampoo that is sulfate-free and has heat protection, you will give your hair the strength it needs to hold the color as long as possible.

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