6 Tips for Managing Frizzy Hair


6 Tips for Managing Frizzy Hair

Frizz is one of the major annoyances for those with any type of curl to the hair. Even the smallest amounts of moisture will cause the hair to frizz up, ruining your style. Learn the best ways to manage the frizz in your hair to maintain the hairstyle you’ve always wanted. This will help keep your hair full of body but smooth, giving you a professional look every day.

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The tips


Follow these tips when taming your frizzy hair. By implementing these changes into your daily routine, you will have more styling success with even the most out of control hair:


  • Don’t brush your hair when dry. This can lead to damage and breakage faster than almost anything else. If you have tangles after it has dried, use a pick instead of a brush or comb. This will be less damaging than the others. Another solution is to comb the dry hair with your wet fingers. The moisture will fight against the frizzy look in your hair.

  • Use conditioner. Adding a little extra to the tips will be beneficial in keeping your hair in better control. When choosing the right conditioner for you, find those that have more protein to lessen the frizz and increase the shine.

  • Avoid applying heat to hair that gets easily frizzy whenever possible. Limit the time you spend using a blow dryer, flat iron, or curling iron. If possible try washing your hair every other day to avoid using these items as often.

  • If you have naturally curly hair and plan on leaving it curled, dry only the roots to avoid causing split ends. This will give you body while avoiding damage.

  • Even if your hair is frizz free in the morning, this can slowly begin to wear off during the day. To prevent against frizz longer, consider using small amounts of detangler spray later in the day. Choose a product that won’t give your hair an oily appearance but will take away the frizz.

  • When all else fails, talk to your stylist, finding their suggestions. They can take a look at your hair and determine what procedures will work best for your situation.

Don’t let frizzy hair get you down this summer, work to add the moisture back to your roots. Follow these steps to ensure you will get just the right style for your hair this year keeping the frizz out and the smooth look in.

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