How to Look Good While Traveling


How to Look Good While Traveling

travel beautySchool is almost finished for summer vacation, and with that family vacations are in the works for many. Whether you are taking a road trip, a flight, or anything in between, traveling can be rough on your style. That’s why we’ve come up with four traveling tips that will make your vacation life easier.

Before the Trip


Before the trip don’t let yourself get unnecessarily stressed. There are obvious items that must be attended to, give yourself enough time to sort through them all beforehand to ensure you won’t be put out by the time the trip rolls around. Do all the packing you can well before, avoiding a rush.


Make sure you have gotten enough sleep the night before the trip. The day of wear comfortable clothing that still looks good. Be prepared for any weather changes that may occur. Never wear new shoes for traveling, especially if you are only bringing one pair. This will bring you problems from the first day.





Your skin will likely dry out with the traveling you are doing, especially if that includes flying. Make sure to apply plenty of moisturizer the day before to ensure your skin will stay hydrated throughout your trip. Be sure to bring some along as well to reapply as you get to your destination.


This is especially important when traveling to a different climate than your own. In addition to this, for visiting those places with higher levels of humidity than what you are used to, bring blotting papers. This will help keep the excessive moisture off your face, soaking up any additional oil that is produced while still leaving your skin healthy.


Skip the Foundation



Foundation may be an important part of your regular routine, but it should be avoided when traveling. Not only will the foundation wear during the beginning stages of your trip in all likeliness, but it will also undo the positive influence of the moisturizer.


For most, skipping the foundation for a few days while traveling will be a much needed break from the routine, and for your skin as well. Give it the chance to soak up the moisture without the additional mixture on your face.


Attend to Your Hands



There are a few beauty tricks that should be adhered to for your hands when traveling. These will help keep your whole body in the best shape for your vacation:


  • Forget the bright colored nail polishes. These will easily chip, leaving obvious marks in your nails. This should be switched with more neutral looks.

  • Keep your hands well away from your face. This will reduce the breakouts and oil on your face. In addition to this, traveling is likely to put you in the direct path of bacterias, keep these away from your mouth and nose.

  • Use hand creams. This will lock the moisture in your hands as well as counter the harshness of commercial soaps that you will find along the road.


Your beauty should be taken into account, even while traveling. By following these useful tips, you will ensure you will be ready for anything encountered on your vacation, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy your time away.

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