It’s all in the Tips: 7 tricks for managing long hair


It’s all in the Tips: 7 tricks for managing long hair

Hair trends change as fast as the seasons. Literally. From pastel hair to crazy updo’s and spiky cuts we have been through the gambit over the last few years. But through it all two things have remained consistent: pixie cuts, and gorgeous long locks. Just as taking care of a pixie cut has rules, so does caring for long hair.
If you have, or would like to have, long gorgeous locks; there are a few basic care tips that you should follow to make sure your hair stays as healthy and strong as it can.

  1. Shampoo Less Often

    This one has been around for a while, and with the widespread knowledge of dry shampoos, it has very quickly become a must have for people of all hair lengths. It is especially valuable for those with long hair, however, as frequent washes can cause damage and hair loss. Ideally, you should only be washing your hair 2-3 times a week, but if your grease build up is making that feel like a frightening prospect, add a dry shampoo to the long stretches. Just remember: Dry shampoo doesn’t actually wash your hair, it just absorbs oil build up.

  2. Don’t Brush Your Hair When Wet

    Don't brush wet hair

    We mentioned this briefly above, but there is a reason for this. When hair is wet, it becomes very fragile, almost brittle. That brittleness is something that increases the longer your hair gets, and since it takes twice as long for you hair to grow back, you want to hang on to that hair! Instead, wrap your hair in a loose bun and a clip or towel, let it air dry a bit before you go to town. If you are in a hurry, use a wide bristled comb, but don’t forget to sand down each bristle to avoid tugs and pulls.

  3. Sleep All Wrapped Up

    Sleeping with long hair can be a danger zone for hair, if not downright uncomfortable for you. Sleeping with hair loose, or on rough cotton pillowcases, can lead to tangles and further breakage. There is an easy fix to this, however, just make sure to loosely braid your hair before bed and if possible sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase.

  4. Brushes Matter

    brushes matter

    This may seem so inconsequential – but it is so important! If the bristles are too stiff it could pull out hair or cause unwanted static. Get yourself a good boar bristle brush, it will help to pull oil away from your scalp and keep your strands healthy.

  5. Hot tools in Limitation

    Or better yet – not at all. Do not be scared of the old fashioned rollers, my friends. Heat can cause severe damage to your strands which can lead to – you guessed it – more breakage. Worse yet, repeated heat damage over time can cause deeper damage that can lead to coarse, unruly, and all over frizzy hair. Heat should really be avoided on all hair, but if you want to keep your long locks looking perfect – run away.

  6. Masks and Deep Protein Conditioners Are Your Friend

    hair masks

    If your hair is already damaged or unruly, you might be thinking that gaining the perfectly healthy long hair you crave is out of the picture. But worry not. Masks and deep protein conditioners can help you not only regain the health of hair but also keep those strands strong as they reach Rapunzel like lengths.

  7. Be Gentle

    The underlying message in all of this is clear, if you want long, strong, beautiful hair one rule rises above all the others: Be Gentle.

    Do you have any tips that you use for your long hair? Tell us what works for you in the comments! Take care of your long hair and schedule an appointment today! Let’s keep everyone’s hair growing!

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